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Antique French Corbel

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We are so excited to offer vintage and antique finds at Farmhouse Living. This corbel is ONE OF A KIND. The original finish on this antique French corbel circa 1850 has a marvelous texture. The aged plastering has been worn down to the carved timber and showcases the deeply chiseled design. This bracket or as some call them corbel were originally used as decorative supports for ceiling beams and set horizontally. 

The beauty of these architectural salvage pieces lies in their ability to be fitted for a variety of application from objects displayed on their own, as wall bracket supports to display objects or even book ends. The scale of this antique French corbel is quite impressive and makes a terrific visual impact when seen in person. We put them together in a fun collection on the wall to make an impactful gallery. 

H: 11.5 D:6 L: 7.5 inches